Tech in the Early Years

Author Profile: Tamara Kaldor

Tamara Kaldor

Tamara Kaldor

Tamara Kaldor
Developmental Therapist and Founder of PLAY is WORK™
Chicago Manager, Common Sense Media


Tamara Kaldor, M.S. is the founder of Chicago PLAY Pro and the Chicago Education Program Manager for Common Sense Media. Tamara collaborates on multi-disciplinary teams to integrate technology into classrooms. She is a child development specialist with over a decade of experience teaching parents, educators, and administrators how to integrate technology to support the social-emotional and learning needs of ALL children. Her innovative professional development program, “I Have an iPad…now what?” has been taught across the country to parents, educators and therapists.

Tamara is proud to be a trained advocate with The Family Support Network/Arc of IL. She has been a featured presenter at numerous national education technology conferences, including NAEYC and ISTE. In addition, she teaches professional development courses at Erikson Institute and is creating the first inclusive school in Negril, Jamaica with the Rockhouse Foundation. Tamara has an MS in Child Development from Erikson Institute and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Excerpt from Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years: Tools for Teaching and Learning

So now you have some great tech tools to use. The power of any communication is to make it purposeful. These tools and your creativity will be the powerful bridge to connecting with families. Families are living further away from their support systems and looking towards their children’s teachers for more help navigating their child’s development. This also means that families are under more stress and need to be part of supportive community programs. Ask yourself how you can use your tech toolbox to bring families in to the classroom and build a new community. I encourage you to find the tools that you feel comfortable using; ask students and parents for help; and challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone.

From Chapter 14, Technology as a Tool to Strengthen the Home-School Connection


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