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Mark Bailey

Mark Bailey

Mark Bailey. PhD
Distinguished University Professor
Director: Child Learning and Development Center
Director: School of Learning and Teaching
College of Education, Pacific University


Mark Bailey, PhD, is a Professor in the College of Education at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. For the past 25 years Mark has been exploring the use of pedagogically powerful technological tools to support learning. Mark co-founded the Oregon Technology in Education Network and founded the Early Learning Community (ELC) at Pacific University. The ELC utilizes a synthesis of best practices from a wide range of pedagogical models, and incorporates innovative applications of technology to support its students. He currently serves as the Director of the Pacific University Child Learning and Development Center, and the Campus Director of the School of Learning and Teaching. Recently recognized by Pacific University as a Distinguished University Professor, Mark collaborates with faculty members, K-12 educators, and the teachers in the ELC to refine their use of technologies and pedagogy in support of student-centered learning.


Excerpts from Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years: Tools for Teaching and Learning

The look and feel of these newer digital technologies differ significantly from traditional manipulatives. However, the purpose and distinguishing features of quality tools are still framed by pedagogical practice, underscored by an implicit theory of learning, and designed to be implemented with intentionality by thoughtful educators. While the tools may change, the importance of knowing how to use them in ways that support young children’s learning remains constant; the need for high-quality classrooms and learning experiences is unchanging.

…The tools available in today’s early childhood classrooms can transport students around the globe to visit the depths of the ocean or observe live pictures in the canopy of a distant rainforest. They can allow children to view minuscule objects in a manner impossible with the naked eye, and explore the breadth of the world’s knowledge with their fingertips. Students can connect with amazing resources and with each other, fostering inventive collaborations and unique creations of understanding.

From Chapter 12, Innovate, Educate, and Empower: New Opportunities With New Technologies by Mark Bailey and Bonnie Blagojevic

Selected Videos

Bailey, M., Appel, A.  (2013) Effective, Appropriate and Intentional Use of Technology Tools in Early Childhood Classrooms. Invited Webinar, Erikson Institute, Chicago, IL.  Feb. 10.

Innovative New Hardware: Sifteo Cubes

Using digital microscopes for exploration

Recent Publications

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Recent Presentations

Bailey, M., Blagojevic B., Buckleitner, W., & Bales, D.  (2014) Emerging technologies for empowering children: Showcasing innovative tools and pedagogies that transform teaching, and inspire learning. Featured Session at the annual meeting of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, Dallas TX.

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Bailey, M. (2013) The Future is Now: Citizens and Community in the Digital Age. Panel Presentation and discussion with Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown, and Pulitzer Prize recipient Nigel Jaquiss. Forest Grove OR.

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