Tech in the Early Years

Author Profile: Angela Fowler

Angela Fowler

Angela Fowler

Angela Fowler
Co-Founder and Exec. Director
Cultivating the Early Years
Author, Consultant, an Educator


Angela Fowler, MA, is on the faculty at Columbia College Chicago, where she is an instructor in the Early Childhood Education Program. She is also the co-founder of Cultivating the Early Years, a Professional Network and Consulting Company that consults on progressive educational approaches to technology, arts integration, math and science, parent engagement, and much more. Angela is currently writing an assessment book based on the Childfolio assessment app she created. She is co-chair and organizer for the World Forum Foundation’s Children’s Rights Working Group and technology track. She has worked in the field of Education for more than 25 years and has participated in and coordinated seven study tours to Reggio Emilia, Italy. She is currently completing her PhD in Early Childhood Leadership.


Excerpt from Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years: Tools for Teaching and Learning

In order to support best practice and innovative use of technology with young children, we must begin to shift teacher’s beliefs about technology. Technology has become an everyday part of our lives, but many teachers still don’t see technology as an “integrated” part of their classrooms. Many teachers fear technology integration or only know how to use technology as a game console or e-book. Learning how to integrate technology in developmentally appropriate ways requires a different mindset altogether. In order to facilitate this shift, we must support teachers in understanding that technology integration can be an opportunity for learning not only for students but for themselves as well. Anytime we see ourselves as learners; we are more willing to explore, more willing to not know, and more willing to take chances (Hawkins, 2002). It is in this exploration and risk taking that developmentally appropriate technology integration will begin to happen.

From Chapter 13 Technology Tools for Teachers and Teaching: Innovative Practices and Emerging Technologies