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EARCOS Teachers’ Conference 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

Curated Resources from Chip Donohue and the TEC Center http://teccenter.erikson.edu


Selected Articles by Chip Donohue

Kaldor, T., & Donohue, C. (2018, March/April). Tech enabled educators: Engagement and empowerment through professional development. Exchange, 36-40.

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Recent Blog Posts by Chip Donohue

Donohue, C. (2017, December 19). The TEC Center at Erikson Institute: Celebrating 5 Years of Impact and Influence at the Intersection of Child Development, Early Learning and Technology [TEC Center Blog Post]. Retrieved from http://teccenter.erikson.edu/tec/impactinfluence/

Donohue, C. (2017, November 15). Celebrating two five-year-olds who are growing up before our eyes [TEC Center Blog] Retrieved from http://teccenter.erikson.edu/tec/celebrating-two-five-year-olds/

Donohue, C. (2017, November 13). PAST FORWARD: Reflections and Visions on Young Children and Technology [Fred Rogers Center Blog]. Retrieved from http://www.fredrogerscenter.org/2017/11/past-forward-reflections-visions-young-children-technology/


TEC Center STEM in Early Childhood Lab
Day 1: August 2, 2017
Erikson Institute

Books, Resources and Video Clips mentioned in Chip’s EARCOS 2018 keynote and workshops

Websites and online resources on Early STEM and Technology in the Early Years


TEC Center STEM in Early Childhood Lab
August 3, 2017
City Colleges of Chicago, Harry S. Truman College, Tinker Lab

Connecting the Dots between Child Development, Early Learning and Technology

Download presentation here


Reimagining Screen Time for the Digital Age

Download presentation here


TEC Center Summer Appy Hour
July 14, 2016
Erikson Institute

Family Engagement in the Digital Age: Early Childhood Educators as Media Mentors

Download presentation here


TEC Center STEM in Early Childhood Lab
Day 1: August 2, 2017
Erikson Institute

Stepping into STEM: Technology Tools as Catalysts for Early Learning

Download presentation here


Selected TEC Center Video Clips


March 14, 2018
Tiny Tech-ISTE 2018 PreConference June 23, 2018
The TEC Center at Erikson Institute is thrilled to co-host, Tiny Tech: An ISTE 2018 PreConference day for those who teach young learners, with Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) and ISTE Early Learning Network on Saturday, June 23, 2018, 8:30 am-3:00 pm. Read more →
January 30, 2018
TECPlay: How is children’s play impacted by technology?
Join the Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center at Erikson Institute for a one-day symposium, TECPlay: How is children's play impacted by technology? on Friday, April 27, 2018 from 8:30am - 3:30 pm. Read more →
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