Words from Chip Donohue at the Congressional Briefing

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Image courtesy of Ravenswood Elementary School

Image courtesy of Ravenswood Elementary School

Waterford captures TEC Center Director Chip Donohue’s panel discussion at the Digital Initiatives for Young Children: Congressional Briefing on its YouTube channel.  During his segment, Chip connects passages from the NAEYC/Fred Rogers Center joint position statement on technology and media with best practices for technology in early childhood and teacher preparation.  When discussing his goals for technology in the early years, he states factors that he considers, such as doing no harm to children, addressing the concerns around technology and media, and exploring the intersection of child development, early learning and children’s media.  He also gives points about what we know, what matters and the implications for teacher preparation.

Chip concludes his discussion by tying his goals and other points to three recommendations for policy makers and advocates related to teacher preparation which are to:

  • Recognize digital media literacy for early childhood educators as an essential literacy in the 21st century for teaching and learning
  • Integrate digital media literacy across the continuum of early childhood preparation and professional development pre-service and in-service
  • Use technology to help educators learn how to use technology

Watch Digital Initiatives for Young Children: Congressional Briefing on Waterford’s YouTube channel

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