Using Technology Materials as a Means for Learning

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Image courtesy of Manierre Elementary School

Image courtesy of Manierre Elementary School

Co-directors of the Children’s Innovation Project  in Pittsburgh Jeremy Boyle and Melissa Butler share the work and impact of their project in this Fred Rogers Center blog post.  This post provides a glimpse of children’s usage of these “raw materials of technology” to support their learning and explains the project’s theoretical framework about technology and innovation.  According to Jeremy and Melissa, “The Children’s Innovation Project grows children’s habits of mind to notice, inquire, and persist. Children take these habits with them as they continue to explore, create, and socialize in the world. They develop a sensibility to notice small things and be curious inside parameters, rather than keep pace with consumption of the never-ending flow of new digital devices.”

Read more about Helping Children Find Something New Inside Something Known from the Fred Rogers Center

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