TEC’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017

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Augustus Tolton Catholic Academy
February 14, 2017

TEC Center’s 5th year anniversary was the year of 2017. We’ve spent so much time reflecting on our beginnings, achievements, and everyone who has supported the TEC Center along the way. Below listed are the 5 most popular TEC blog posts for 2017. We have also suggested an additional reading related to each top blog post. Enjoy!





  1. Media Literacy in Early Childhood: A Critical Conversation: Additional Suggested Reading
  2. How to Help Children When the World Feels Scary on Screens: Additional Suggested Reading
  3. Ten Technology in Early Childhood Policy Statements You Should Know: Additional Suggested Reading
  4. Teaching Science and Math to Preschoolers with Technology Tools: Additional Suggested Reading
  5. #TECTips: Early Childhood Lesson Planning With Tech Integration: What Questions Should I Be Asking?: Additional Suggested Reading


December 19, 2017
The TEC Center at Erikson Institute: Celebrating 5 Years of Impact and Influence at the Intersection of Child Development, Early Learning and Technology
TEC Center Director Chip Donohue reflects on TEC Center's impact and influence. Look to see who has supported TEC Center along the way and some photos from the beginning of TEC's time. Read more →
December 14, 2017
Ten Resources For Understanding Net Neutrality
10 resources for families, educators, and service providers working with young children to support understanding of net neutrality and how it impacts young children. Read more →