Tips for Using Technology to Enhance Curriculum

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Student reading an iPad while sitting on the floor

Image courtesy of Ms. Eileen Bishop, Burley Elementary School

Headmaster at North Broward Preparatory school Elise Ecoff gives tips for intentional technology integration in the Edudemic post “What Comes First: the Curriculum or the Technology?”  Elise opens the article by reminding teachers and administrators that “before moving forward with technology integration, every school must first have a great, robust and adaptable academic curriculum. Only then can you begin to find ways in which technology can help to elevate it. It’s important to never force fit technology – if it’s not supplementing what’s already happening in the classroom or a teacher’s goals for the school year, the addition will become more of a barrier to learning than a catalyst.”

To help schools through this process, Elise gives questions to consider and five strategies to use to effectively integrate technology in the classroom.  This strategies include recommendations, such as “don’t use technology for the sake of using technology” and “actively seek out professional development opportunities.”

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