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Image of teacher projecting video from iPad

Image courtesy of Ms. Yeliz Zurawic, Ravenswood Elementary School

The most recent Kidscreen blog by the ever thoughtful David Kleeman, SVP Insight Programs and PlayVangelist and Riwanon Gestin, SVP, Global Research and Insights, at PlayCollective, explores the gaps between children’s media research findings, what the industry wants and needs, and what the headlines say and the press reports.  Kleeman explains “the headline – and often, the story beneath – may simplify or obscure a study’s methods and quality…More often than not, negative findings are used to heighten parental anxiety about screens, but it’s no better to tout a single study as absolution from thoughtful family media choices.”  The post includes links to a study from Scotland that has been getting a lot of attention in the press recently and is a perfect illustration of the potential for tension in the triad between research/industry/press.

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