The Importance of Family Engagement in Early Childhood

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Image courtesy of Erikson Institute

Image courtesy of Erikson Institute

Early Learning Deputy Assistant Secretary Libby Doggett, Ph.D. recaps key messages discussed during the White House Symposium on Transformative Family Engagement along with early childhood initiatives launched to strengthen home-school connection in this U.S. Department of Education blog post. In her piece, she explains that “most parents want what’s best for their children, but many parents do not know how important their role as their child’s first teacher is. This is what true family engagement is all about: making sure parents and caregivers have the knowledge and resources they need to help children get a strong start and reach their full potential.” At the TEC Center, we talk about the importance of family engagement and finding appropriate tools to connect with parents, which can include technology. This blog presents approaches different states are taking to build relationships between early childhood educators and families to support children’s growth and development.

Read more about Transformative Family Engagement at the White House Symposium by Deputy Assistant Secretary Libby Doggett

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