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Erikson Institute’s Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center offers innovative professional development workshops, webinars, and programs designed to develop early childhood educators as leaders in technology integration in early childhood classrooms. 

TEC Center’s professional development services are individually developed to support principals, district leaders, and individual teachers. The goal of the TEC Center professional development workshops are to support educators to more successfully use and incorporate technology into their teaching and practice in an intentional, meaningful, and effective way. We support educators in developing technology resources and lesson plans for technology use with children directly but also support educators and administrators in using technology to communicate, connect, and engage with parents and caregivers. 

We bring Erikson’s expertise directly to your staff – in-person, online, or a combination of both – so that your entire staff can participate and develop new skills in the context of their everyday activities.

Workshops, webinars, and programs may focus on the following topics:
  • Rethinking Technology Use in Early Childhood Education
  • Selecting Technology Tools for Children
  • Technology Use and Social Emotional Learning
  • Technology to Strengthen Caregiver Education and Involvement
  • Supporting All Learners with Technology
  • Digital Citizenship for Young Children
  • Media Literacy in Early Childhood
  • The “S” in STEM: Science Activities for Remote Learning
  • Using Technology Tools to Support Language and Literacy
  • The “M” in STEM: Spatial Reasoning and Coding


“Our teachers like that Erikson staff are modeling behaviors they would typically see when using technology in the classroom,” Allen says. “They want the teachers to experience what the students are experiencing. For example, the Erikson staff give our teachers a problem and ask them to solve it by using technology.”

– Theresa Allen, Former Director of Instructional Technology, Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office of Catholic Schools


“I LOVED the two day training. Thank you to the committee who organized it. Participants were so engaged. I was so pleased to see Approaches to Learning addressed as well as tips for infant/toddler teachers. I appreciated all of the multiple modalities and the chance to participate in break out rooms. It is always so inspiring to hear from grantees about all they are doing to support children and families. Thank you and BRAVO!”

– New England Head Start Training and Technical Assistance Network Team Member


“I was curious about your program when I read about it last summer, and I’m so grateful I applied.  Its value increased as the year progressed! I’ve been tinkering with the apps shared as I work on an electronic package for my parents and students. The exposure I received at our TEC group has been invaluable.”

– Anne Prindiville, professional development participant


“All of the knowledge gained this year has helped me as an educator and especially now with e-learning!”

– Melissa Determann, professional development participant


Research on TEC Center’s professional development programs indicates that after professional development, teachers reported:

  • increased confidence in their use of available classroom technologies.
  • increased confidence in selecting technology tools for children.
  • increased understanding about how technology tools can be used to support learning
  • fewer concerns around their own ability to use technology in the classroom in developmentally appropriate ways.

Cover of Extracting Success in Pre-K Teaching: Approaches to Effective Professional Learning Across Five States from New America, Published April 2018



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