Tech Integration Resources for 2nd Grade Classrooms

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Image courtesy of Ada S. McKinley Community Services, Inc.

Image courtesy of Ada S. McKinley Community Services, Inc.

The TEC Center is excited to partner with Erikson Institute’s Child-Parent Centers (CPC) professional development team to provide tech integration resources for their online workshops for the 2015-16 school year. You can find all the resources with live links in this blog post. We welcome all educators to take a look and see what tools and tips you can bring to your classroom community.

Our vision is that every adult who works with young children or on their behalf will be knowledgeable, aware, skilled, and alive to the possibilities of each child’s life.

There are three CPC online labs offered:

  • Comprehension and Collaboration Learning Lab
    • Note: focuses on vocabulary and word knowledge development
  • Active and Authentic Learning Lab
  • Differentiation: Beyond the Kidney Table

Tech Integration Best Practices

  • Active, hands-on, engaging and empowering
    • Focus on how tech can help children collaborate, communicate and create
  • Intentional
    • Curate i.e. select your digital tools with intention and decide what works and doesn’t work effectively for your students and you. Get rid of choices that are not high-quality. Continue to revisit your learning objectives.
  • Supplements traditional, effective instruction
    • Develop tech integration practices in the classroom that supports high-quality instructional practices and traditional playtime activities to foster critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration.
  • Evaluation and reflection
    • Evaluate tech based on engagement and pedagogy. Reflect if the tech tools you select are meaningful, developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant to the children and families you serve.
  • Holistic, healthy growth and development
    •  Select tech tools to support social-emotional development in your classroom community
  • Images and language represent diversity
    • Reflect the diversity in your classroom community and the world we live in through the tech tools you curate for your classroom

 Tech Tool Resources for Your Second Grade Classroom

TEC Center does not recommend specific tech tools, but we would like to point you to a trusted resource Common Sense Media who has a free tool for educators called Graphite. Graphite rates edtech tools based on engagement and pedagogy. Educators rate and review apps and websites-kind of like consumer reports for edtech. In addition, you can find tech integration how-to videos and tech integrated lesson plans developed by teachers.

Tech Tools for Vocabulary Development:

Differentiation Tech Resources

Tech Tools for the Home-School Connection

Active Learning Tech Resource

  • What is Genius Hour? i.e. 20% time i.e. Inquiry Hour
    • Warning: The video featured is on YouTube and sometimes schools block YouTube so you may need to watch it at home.
  • Learning and Laughing with Room 200 is a terrific blog from teacher, Mrs. Bright, who shows us what Genius Hour i.e. Inquiry Hour looks like in a classroom setting. There are wonderful pictures and videos. She has several posts on her first year of using the Genius Hour model with her classroom so make sure to explore the blog and follow her class’s inquiry adventures.

What are some of your favorite tech integration tips and tools for critical thinking, collabortion, communication, and creativity? Keep the conversation going on Facebook or Twitter!

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