Seeing the “Special” in Everyone

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special-books_white-backgroundJunlei Li, Professor and Co-Director of the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at Saint Vincent College, draws parallels between Fred Rogers and David McCullough Jr., teacher and author of You Are Not Special and Other Encouragements, in the Fred Roger Center blog. Throughout his post “You Are (Not) Special,” Junlei conveys that both Fred and David wanted to help children develop the desire to learn for the sake of learning and see the value of others.  To illustrate these similarities, Junlei remarks,

Far from the ‘if every one is special, than no one is’ imposition of our competitive world, Fred’s message (and I believe McCullough’s too) is this: Because everyone is special, then you are; and because you are special, every one is.  Both Fred and McCullough wanted their young audiences to recognize both sides of this truth and translate that understanding into their learning and service.

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