Rethinking Screen-Free Week

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Teacher talking with student that is using the iPad

Image courtesy of Ms. Erin Stanfill, Burley Elementary School

Playvangelist and TEC Center friend David Kleeman nudges us to reconceptualize our ideas about “screen-free” activities in the Kidscreen blog post “‘Screen-Free Week’ Misses the Big Picture”.  In the post, he invites us to consider developing and promoting activities about the appropriate technology use and media literacy for parents and caregivers, which is illustrated in his statement,

Screen time is a complex concept, and navigating the array of devices and accompanying flood of content demands media literacy. Families, schools, and child care centers need tools for mindful evaluation of habits…and strategies for making thoughtful choices. They need prompts for productive co-viewing or co-play, and vocabulary for discussing what they consume or create.

To help families and educators effectively and appropriately use technology and media with children, David encourages us to utilize resources from organizations that help parents and teachers manage and evaluate multi-screen content for children and build their media literacy skills.

Read more about Screen Free Week Misses the Big Picture from Kidscreen

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