Reframing the Question Around Screen Time

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Image courtesy of Ravenswood Elementary School

Image courtesy of Ravenswood Elementary School

Co-founder of and Founder Diana Graber encourages us to reframe our questions about “screen time” in the Huffington Post blog “How Much ‘Screen Time’ Is Too Much? Why That’s The Wrong Question.”  Using information presented at an AAP meeting in April that revealed very young children’s use of digital tools, Diana conveys that instead of asking “how much” time with technology, we should instead ask  “what”  and “when.”

She uses remarks from TEC Center Director Chip Donohue to illustrate her points, in which he states “quality content matters” when using technology with young children.  He continues by stating, “What they watch is more important than how much and children learn what to watch by watching the watchers around them — us. How adults use media in front of young children is important.”

Read more about How Much ‘Screen Time’ Is Too Much? Why That’s The Wrong Question from the Huffington Post

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