Read With Your Children (And “App” With Them Too)

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Image courtesy of Manierre Elementary School

Image courtesy of Manierre Elementary School

Bradford Wiles, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in early childhood development at Kansas State University, explains the difference between reading to children and reading with them. According to Wiles, to read with children means engaging them, that is “figuring out what the child is thinking and getting them to think beyond the words written on the page… anticipate what children are thinking. Then ask questions, offer instruction, provide examples and give them some feedback about what they are thinking”.

We at the TEC Center are strong believers of this interactive, relationship-based, language-rich and inquiry based experience for parents and young children also when digital media is involved. It’s a lot more fun to be engaged together with media and you’ll be modeling healthy media habits and the importance of relationships to learning as you engage with media together.

Read more about Read with your children, not to them from Science Daily.


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