Promises in Technology and Literacy

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Image courtesy of Highlights Foundation

Image courtesy of Highlights Foundation

On its YouTube channel, Dust or Magic posts TEC Center friend and independent educator Gail Lovely’s presentation, “Technology and Literacy: Promises, Promises and Promises”, from Once Upon an App: A Survey of Apps Related to Language Development 2015.  During her presentation, Gail provides examples of how teachers are using technology tools, like blogs, apps, and QR codes, in the classroom to support their practice.  She explains about how the affordances of these tech tools, such as voice recording and screencasting, allow teachers to capture “magical moments” from their students.

Along with classroom examples, she shares new augmented reality tools that are showing promise for usage with young children as well as examples of technologies that provide capibilites for augmented writing.   When examining these new tools, Gail encourages the attendees to “think about the possibilities” that they can offer young children.  Her presentation generates enriching conversation among attendees, that include TEC Center friends Faith Rogow, Karen Nemeth and Warren Buckleitner, about the opportunities and limitations of various technology tools .

Watch Technology and Literacy: Promises, Promises and Promises from Dust or Magic


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