New Advice on “Screen Time” with Toddlers

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Image courtesy of Erikson Institute

Image courtesy of Erikson Institute

If you need help summarizing and processing reports and research about technology use with very young children, check out this recent Slate article “Common-Sense, Science-Based Advice on Toddler Screen Time” written by Lisa Guernsey, Director of the Early Education Initiative and Director of the Learning Technologies Project at New America. In this article, Lisa highlights key events that have recently occurred to shift the conversation around using technology and interactive media with children ages birth to three that include recent statements from pediatricians Michael Rich and Dimitri Christakis, reports from Harvard Family Research Project, and the publication Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years: Tools for Teaching and Learning edited by TEC Center director Chip Donohue. To guide us in appropriately using digital tools with young children, she offers her 3 C’s – content, context, and the child – to move us towards “mindful screen time”.

Read more about Common-Sense, Science-Based Advice on Toddler Screen Time from Slate

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