Learning About Feelings from Touchscreens

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Preschool student helping another student use the iPad

Image courtesy of Ms. Erin Stanfill, Burley Elementary School

Natalie Orsenstein’s Fred Rogers Center blog post “Can Touchscreen Technology Teach Preschoolers About Feelings?” presents the current work of Fred Rogers Center Early Career Fellows James Alex Bonus and Alanna Peebles, both graduate students in communication science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Their fellowship is focused on developing a tablet app that helps children recognize emotions from television characters.  In the post, the fellow explain their interest in the potential of touchscreens to help children learn and state that the two goals of the app, “One is to get kids to recognize what the character is feeling, and the other is to get them to practice identifying what that [emotion] looks like on people’s faces.”

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