Learn Best Practices for Technology and Literacy in Early Childhood

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The TEC Center team and I are excited to launch the first of the 2015 “Conversations with Authors” webinar series on Monday, April 20.  As the editor of Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years: Tools for Teaching and Learning(Routledge & NAEYC, 2014), the best part of working on this project was the opportunity to collaborate with thought leaders working in child development, early learning and children’s media.  This webinar series provides an interactive opportunity to discuss themes and best practices from our book.

Our first conversation will be with Lisa Guernsey, Director of Early Education Initiative and Director of Learning Technologies Project at New America, and Michael Levine, Founding Director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop.  Their chapter “Pioneering Literacy in the Digital Age” shares case studies, success stories and emerging best practices around technology and early literacy.

In their chapter, Lisa and Michael capture their approach to leveraging new digital tools to empower children, parents, families and educators in the passage,

“This culture simultaneously requires a host of new literacy skills and affords a dramatic re-envisioning of learning environments for both children and teachers. Even young children are able to not only access but also produce content that can be shared and reacted to by a community beyond the classroom. New technologies also offer possibilities for augmenting traditional approaches to instruction, as well as providing more assistance to parents. They can help us develop mixed models that blend in-school and informal, out of-school learning.”

During our online conversation, Lisa and Michael will share

  • Big ideas from their chapter, Pioneering Literacy In the Digital Wild West, the Seeding Reading Project and their new book, Tap, Click, Read: Growing Readers in a World of Screens (Jossey-Bass, 2015)
  • Innovations at the intersection of early literacy and children’s digital media
  • Effective strategies for early childhood programs and the home

Throughout the webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Lisa and Michael questions about early literacy and digital media. Learn more about Lisa, Michael, and their projects by reviewing their author profiles pages and clicking through the links listed below.

Be sure to sign up for more “Conversations with Authors” with Hedda Sharapan, Alexis Lauricella, Michael Robb and Luisa Cotto.

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