An Interview Children’s Television Pioneer Joan Ganz Cooney

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Image courtesy of Ravenswood Elementary School

Image courtesy of Ravenswood Elementary School

The recent Games + Learning blog post “Joan Ganz Cooney Reflects on the Power of Mixing Research with Creativity” presents a short video of an interview conducted with the Joan Ganz Cooney Center founder.  During this interview, Joan Ganz Cooney shares her early experiences of blending research with television production and explains that “no one had ever seen anything like the research that we built in. And the producers, all the creative people, you would have thought they would have fought it, they loved it because they were getting feedback right away on work they were doing on whether it a) engaged the children (which was essential) and b) did it teach them what it was intended to teach. So it was different from anything that had been tried before.”

Later in the interview, she discusses how the features of new technology are more effective in engaging children and their parents and that she has “higher hopes that there will be more co-viewing, co-playing, co-reading” with technology use in the future.

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