Erikson Alumnus Talks About Early Childhood and Technology

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Image courtesy of Tech for the Early Years

Erikson on Children features Catherine Cook School Director of Education Technology and TEC Center friend Brian Puerling on his leadership in the field of technology and early childhood education in the article “Alumnus leads the way to developmentally appropriate technology in the classroom.” This article presents Brian’s role in supporting teachers’ appropriate use and integration of digital tools in the classroom and how his education at Erikson Institute has impacted his work in the field. When discussing the role of technology in the early years, Brian states, “It really comes down to understanding children and their development: how they learn, think, and process information. It’s about the child, not the technology, as technology is just a tool for teaching, learning, and building relationships and connections.”

Erikson also highlights his recent work as a recipient of the Early Career Fellowship at the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at Saint Vincent College. As a part of this fellowship, Brian is collaborating with Synvata and Todd Parr to create a children’s app that allows children to communicate with others through drawings and audio narrations.

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