Effective Technology Ecosystems in Education

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Image courtesy of Manierre  Elementary School

Image courtesy of Manierre Elementary School

Center for Children and Technology shares Research Scientist Daniel Light, Ph.D.,’s chapter from the United Nations report “The State of the World’s Children 2015: Reimagine the Future” in their new post “Technology for the World’s Children”. In his chapter “Technology, teaching and learning”, Daniel provides guiding ideas and practices to implement when creating an effective technology ecosystem in educational programs. He opens the chapter explaining that, “Technology is only a small part of a successful education transformation. Successful e-learning projects require policy changes, new teaching practices, new education resources and additional training and ongoing support for educators – all of which are where the real educational benefit lies. However, it is fundamental to get the technology part right to enable the desired transformations in teaching and learning. While the current discussion on one-to-one learning suggests that the basis is ‘one device’ for every student, the focus should not be on a single technology device, but rather on how to use multiple technologies to reach the more meaningful goals of improving teaching practices, access to educational resources and, finally, what and how students learn.” To help program designers create successful technology programs in educational settings, Daniel provides 5 components to consider when designing technology ecosystems to support learning.

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