Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

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Image courtesy of Manierre Elementary School

Image courtesy of Manierre Elementary School

In the Edudemic post “Teacher’s Guide to Digital Storytelling”, Leah Levy gives teachers suggestions of how to include digital storytelling in their classrooms.  As Leah explains, digital storytelling “combines a teacher’s need to impart important lessons about critical thinking, analytical writing and creativity … [and] encourages students to see those [computer-based] tools as more than what they offer on the surface, and instead to find creative uses for cutting edge technology.”   To give teachers more context of digital storytelling, she provides an overview of what it is, ideas for classroom lessons, and additional resources.  While some of the lesson ideas apply to older grade levels, there may be adaptations teachers can apply to make digital storytelling work in the early childhood setting.  Feel free to share some of your digital storytelling strategies with us on Facebook or Twitter using #TEC_Center.

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