Developing Media Skills and Relationships in the Classroom

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Student typing on iPad with display on screen content

Image courtesy of Ms. Eileen Bishop, Burley Elementary School

Josh Weisgrau, Academic Technology Coordinator at Friends’ Central School, gives educators and administrators ideas of how to use technology to build student engagement and prosocial skills in the Edutopia blog post “Empowering Student Relationship With Media.”  He uses elements from the Encoding/Decoding model in communication theory and the New Bloom’s Taxonomy to design a taxonomy of media skills.   After explaining the elements of the taxonomy (consume, curate, create, critique and publish), he gives educators suggestions of how to approach integrate them into their curriculum.

When conveying the value of media education, Josh states,

In its most recent report on the subject, the American Academy of Pediatrics makes reference to ‘important positive and prosocial effects of media use,’ and a call for expanding media education programs in schools. While more dedicated media education in schools would be great, it is little more than a pipe dream in the current climate of low budgets and high-stake tests. It is therefore incumbent on individual educators to help students interact with media in ways that are critical and empowering. We cannot limit this work to media that we have selected for quality or educational value. We should look for ways to engage critical thinking around students’ everyday media uses, whether through planned projects and lessons or informal engagement.

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