Connecting Technology and Child Development

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Students using digial and traditional materials for journal assignment

Image courtesy of Ms. Eileen Bishop, Burley Elementary School

This KBIA news article “Educators Gather to Address Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom” by Abigail Coursen captures Chip Donohue’s recent presentation at Daniel Boone Regional Library, where he addresses the appropriate use of technology and media to elementary and secondary educators.  During the presentation, Chip states,

“We’ve got to do our homework before we can help the kids.  Our own media literacy what we know about these tools is essential.  So we got to upscale and learn more and think about our attitudes so that we really can help children in this digital age.”

In order to utilize digital tools effectively in the classroom, he conveys the importance of adults – parents, teachers, and librarians –being “media mentors” so that students can learn ways to use technology as another learning tool and the value of adults “choosing the content wisely that lends itself to multiple people or multiple inputs for kids.”

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