Connecting Coding Concepts and Early Literacy

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Image courtesy of the Association for Library Services to Children

Image courtesy of the Association for Library Services to Children

Children’s Librarian at Los Angeles Public Library Brooke Sheets describes how she integrates coding in storytime for preschoolers in the ALSC blog post “Coding Concept for Preschoolers.”  When explaining her reason for including coding, she states,

As we work with this age group, we keep finding overlap between coder concepts and early literacy skills.  For example, play teaches symbolic thinking, a skill important for both reading and coding.  Narrative skills help children understand story structure, but also strengthen computational thinking.

To give librarians ideas for their work, Brooke provides examples of three coding concepts, coder values, algorithms and conditionals, that she connects children’s books and activities.

Read more about Coding Concept for Preschoolers from ALSC blog

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