Coming to a toy shelf soon? Code-A-Pillar from Fisher Price

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Children’s Technology Review brings us a video of the Fisher-Price’s Code-A-Pillar from the 2016 Toy Fair. It is set to hit stores in June of 2016. Would you use this with your child or in your classroom? What do you think you would need to teach a young child before you started playing? Check out our play and learning with tech planning question list!

We can think of a few early learning goals to focus on while you play with a child with an early childhood coding toy:

• Directional Language: Forward, backwards, left, right, up, down, around, etc.

• Sequencing: What do we want to tell the toy to do and in what order?

4 Non-tech activities to support early learning skills with an early coding toy:

• Fine Motor and Sequencing: Drawing the directions that correspond to what you want the toy to do

• Fine Motor: Drawing a path for the toy to follow

• Gross Motor: Practicing giving directions to one another in a game of “robot”

• Early Literacy and Storytelling: Writing a story for the coding toy to be in and then acting out the story with the toy through pretend play

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