Children’s Media Expert Tells Why He Loves Research

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Image courtesy of Lorca Elementary

Image courtesy of Lorca Elementary

In the Kidscreen post “Five things I love about research”, David Kleeman, SVP of Insights Programs and PlayVangelist, connects his experiences of collaborating on recent PlayScience studies, which examine parents, platforms, preferences and children’s VOD (video-on-demand), with his reasons for enjoying the process of research.  When reflecting on his research involvement, David states, “it reminded me that one of the great pleasures and privileges of my job is to listen to our research team as they develop, execute, analyze and report studies.”

Some of reasons he enjoys research are that every study poses new questions, each study inspires new questions and methodologies for the future, and research requires creativity in design.  He goes on to say that “Researchers are naturally curious people, ever asking ‘what if…’ questions and proposing ‘yes and…’ studies. They’re improvisers, innovators, inquirers and inspirers, and I love the chance to work with them.”

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