5 Statements to Share When Integrating Technology

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Teacher helping student use iPad at his desk

Image courtesy of Ms. Eileen Bishop, Burley Elementary School

If you’re looking for a way of introducing and integrating educational technology at your school, Elementary School Principal Rob Furman, Ed.D. presents a list of 5 things to share with teachers to help them get started using and embracing digital tools in the Huffington Post article “5 Things to Share With Your Teachers About Educational Technology”.  In his points, he explains the importance of these strategies and provides ideas to keep in mind when implementing them.  One of his 5 points includes ensuring that teachers “enjoy the experience” and elaborates by saying, “Teachers, by nature, are lifelong learners. We need to nurture that motivated learner inside every teacher and show them that learning new technology can be fun. The teachers will find it a fun and worthwhile experience if they can feel success with the new technology, feel like they are supported, and feel that they have the time to experiment and learn with the new technology.”

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