Resources from our May 3, 2016 Technology and Play: Play and Lesson planning in the Digital Age

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Image courtesy of Ravenswood Elementary School

Image courtesy of Ravenswood Elementary School

Here are the resources we shared during our May 3, 2016, webinar on technology, play, and lesson planning in the digital age.

Questions to ask during tech integrated lesson planning

Observing and assessing young children’s digital play in the early years Using the Digital Play Framework  (Jo Bird and Suzy Edward)

Warning: Must have access to academic journals to access their published work, but we plan to have them join us for a webinar very soon to share their work. We will also have videos up soon on our website of Jo and Suzy sharing their DPF in their own words.

SAMR (Ruben Puentedura) via Common Sense Education

Note: Common Sense Education has several SAMR videos with Dr. Puentedura

STEM Lesson and Play Planning

Katey Highfield talks introing STEM into Early Childhood

A Little Red Hen: A Kindergarten Robot Story from Margaret Powers’ blog

Exploring Robots Inside and Out

Buggy and Buddy Hexbugs 

7 Coding Concepts that all teachers are already doing in their work with young children:

Ideas, Sequencing, Predicting, Measuring, Planning, Patterns, and Directions

Genius Hour or “Passion Hour” Ideas 

NOTE: Thank you to one of our participants, Jennifer B, for  sharing that Genius Hour might be retitled to Follow Your Passion Hour. This idea seemed to really resonate with our webinar participants.

Inventors time video w/Yeliz Zurawic

Love from Kindergarten

Dare to Care (Denise Krebs)

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