Is Handwriting Still Essential in the Keyboard Age? Research says “YES”

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Illustration by Anna Parinia from the NY Times

Illustration by Anna Parinia from the NY Times

The New York Times Well Blog has a new post today from pediatrician, Perri Klass, which answers a question we hear frequently at the TEC Center at Erikson Institute, “Is handwriting, print and cursive, still necessary to learn in the digital age?”

As a pediatrician, I think this may be another case where we should be careful that the lure of the digital world doesn’t take away significant experiences that can have real impacts on children’s rapidly developing brains. Mastering handwriting, messy letters and all, is a way of making written language your own, in some profound ways.

Dr. Kloss shares important research on learning. motor, and neurological development int he early years that points to  a resounding”Yes” and “Yes, PRINT and CURSIVE.” Check out why in Dr. Perri’s post.


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