TEC Center Professional Development Services:

Erikson Institute’s Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center offers innovative professional development workshops, webinars, and programs designed to develop early childhood educators as leaders in technology integration in early childhood classrooms. 

TEC Center led PD is individually developed to support principals, district leaders, and individual teachers. The goal of the TEC Center PD workshops are to support educators to more successfully use and incorporate technology into their teaching and practice in an intentional, meaningful, and effective way. We support educators in developing technology resources and lesson plans for technology use with children directly but also support educators and administrators in using technology to communicate, connect, and engage with parents and caregivers. 

We bring Erikson’s expertise directly to your staff – in-person, online, or a combination of both – so that your entire staff can participate and develop new skills in the context of their everyday activities.

Workshops, webinars, and programs may focus on the following topics:
  • Rethinking Developmentally Appropriate Technology Use in Classrooms
  • Evaluating and Using Apps and Tangible Technology with Students
  • Digital Citizenship & Technology
  • Media Literacy & Technology
  • Technology Use and Social Emotional Learning
  • Technology to Support Family Education and Involvement
  • Technology to Support STEM/STEAM Learning

Read about our TEC Mentors Professional Development Program here

Let TEC Center help you and your staff become more effective and purposeful in your use of technology in the classroom. Contact us today to learn how TEC Center can support you and your staff.

 Program Design and Policy Development Services:

 Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs!

May 28, 2020
A result of the COVID-19 Outbreak: Supporting Families while Addressing Inequities
As early childhood practitioners, we know that the children and families we serve have always had varying home life circumstances, but now many early childhood practitioners are seeing these varied circumstances playing out through a zoom screen, or through silence because they lack the technology to connect. Read more →
April 30, 2020
Spring/Summer 2020 Webinar Learning Series
TEC Center is hosting webinars throughout Spring and Summer 2020 to support early childhood professionals and families navigate the recent COVID-19 Outbreak and school transitions to remote learning. Read more →
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