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April 23, 2015
Connecting the Science of Learning to App Evaluation
Researchers present guidance for app development and an approach for evaluating and selecting children's apps Read more →
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April 22, 2015
Fred Rogers Center and TEC Center to Release Report on Children and Technology
Educators, families, and creators of children’s media will soon have an important new resource. Read more →
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April 21, 2015
Connecting Technology and Child Development
Chip Donohue connects the dots between technology, child development and early literacy to educators. Read more →
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April 10, 2015
Digital Media and Early Learning
Chip Donohue discusses the role of child care programs in supporting the appropriate & intentional use of tech and media. Read more →
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March 25, 2015
Interactive Media Award Lists Winner and Mentions
International experts in digital publishing, writing and illustration the discuss the selections for the 2015 BolognaRagazzi Digital Award. Read more →
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March 20, 2015
Strategies for Using Technology in the Classroom and to Foster Family Engagement
TEC Center staff lead a hands-on conversation on integrating technology in early childhood programs to support learning and family engagement. Read more →
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February 27, 2015
Workshop: Tech Training Through Play
Amanda Armstrong helps trainers learn strategies for supporting parents and teachers in appropriate technology use. Read more →
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February 26, 2015
Designing Apps to Nurture Creativity and Communication
As an Early Career Fellow, Brian Puerling designs a new drawing app to enhance student's social and emotional development. Read more →
February 3, 2015
New Report Investigates Digital Tech with Young Children and Families
The European Commission's Joint Research Centre analyzes the technology experiences of children in early childhood and their families. Read more →
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January 26, 2015
Strategies for Using Technology at Home with Devorah Heitner
If you're looking for ideas of how to appropriate use technology with your children, be sure to sign up for this webinar with Devorah Heitner, Ph.D. Read more →
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