TEC Center Technology and STEM Book Collection

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One of the questions we get asked at all of our workshops and bring out our favorite technology and STEM books for young children and the adults in their lives, “Is can I get a list of all the books in your collection?”

Now you can! Check out our collection of over200 technology and STEM books on Goodreads.

Make sure to check back frequently as we update our list regularly!


Three questions to ask as you evaluate and add to the books in your own technology and STEM library:

  1. Do the books in my collections show children and adults from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds using technology tools to make and create? We Need Diverse Books shares why children need the books and media they consume to be windows and mirrors.
  2. Are the words and images age appropriate?
  3. Is the technology and STEM vocabulary and concepts accurately explained? NOTE: BE VERY CAREFUL WITH SCIENCE and ENGINEERING BOOKS AND MAKE SURE THEY EXPLAIN THE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING CONCEPTS ACCURATELY! We frequently catch errors and this can lead to young children having more myths about how the world around them works.