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QR code to TEC Center Homepage

What are QR codes?

  • 2D print code used to enhance real-life learning experiences, such as museums
  • Provide connections between the online world and the physical world
  • QR codes may lead to websites, texts, or videos to provide additional information.
  • QR codes are scanned by smartphones and tablets with a code-reading app, such as QR Scanner

QR codes can be used in early childhood to: 

  • Scan here to see TEC Center’s video collection

    Provide engagement for children

  • Checking answers—children can be accountable for their work.
  • Making choices during centers provides a sense of autonomy.
  • Practicing letter recognition with audio. Recognizing a teacher’s voice provides familiarity.
  • Students narrate or describe their artwork.
  • Calming board choices. Providing children with multiple choices for music can be an outlet for tension release and a form of relaxation.

Download our introduction to QR codes handout.

Interested in learning how to make QR codes for your classroom, museum, library, daycare or even for presentations? Check out our handout on how to make a QR code.

NOTE: We try to keep our QR code links updated but on occasion resources we link to are deleted or removed. Please message us if any of the QR codes in the handouts are not working.