The S+T in STEM: Place-Based Experiential Learning

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The S+T in STEM: Place-Based Experiential Learning

Head Start Program
July 12, 2016
Eyes on the Future Child Development Center, Chicago

By TEC Program Manager, Jenna Herdzina, and intern Meghan Farrell


Erikson Institute’s Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center hosted a TEC Playdate preceding the event, Learning from the Outside In: Technology and the Power of Place-Based Science Education featuring Milton Chen, PhD on December 4. The TEC Center demoed activities to do with young children to explore Place-Based Learning. These activities includes apps, websites, and tangible tech tools.

The focus of place-based learning allows educators, parents, and service providers working with young children to connect science and technology in a meaningful way while learning more about their local communities and environments.


A couple of key definitions we explore:

Download the activities featured: ST-in-STEM-Place-Based-Learning.pdf

Below is a list of items used for TEC Center’s, “The S+T in STEM: Place-Based Experiential Learning” event.

Items featured from the TEC Center Tools Collection can be loaned from the Edward Neisser Library by Erikson students, alumni, faculty and staff:

Zoomy 2.0 Handheld Digital Microscope

Bodelin ProScope Mobile

Snap Circuits Beginner

Household items used:

AA batteries