Exploring Key Issues in Early Childhood and Technology

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Edited by Chip Donohue, PhD, Founding Director, Technology in Early Childhood Center at Erikson Institute

Exploring Key Issues in Early Childhood and Technology

Edited by Chip Donohue

TEC Center Founding Director, Chip Donohue has edited a new book that explores issues and opportunities at the intersection of young children, child development, early learning, emerging technology and children’s media. Seventeen thought leaders from the U.S., Great Britain, Scotland, Norway, Australia and Israel, were invited to write essays about what we know and what we still need to learn about young children and technology through the lens of their own experience, work, research, their fears and hopes for the future, and what they believe the intersection of young children and technology should look and feel like.

The contributing authors share a commitment to young children and child development first, technology second. The book reads like a masterclass. In these pages you have the opportunity to learn from the most influential and impactful educators and research who are moving the needle on what we know about emerging technologies and current issues for young children and their families in the digital age.

Donohue, C. (Ed.). (2020). Exploring Key Issues in Early Childhood and Technology: Evolving Perspectives and Innovative Approaches. New York: Routledge

Buy the book now from Routledge or Amazon. See all three of Chip Donohue’s books here.