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Academic Research Publications from TEC Center:
  1. Aladé, F., Lauricella, A. R., & Wartella, E. (2020). Who’s modeling STEM for kids? A character analysis of children’s STEM-focused television in the U.S.  Journal of Children and Media, 10.1080/17482798.2020.1810087
  2. Lauricella, A. R.,Herdzina, J. &, Robb, M. (2020). Factors influencing the teaching of digital citizenship competencies in elementary classrooms. Computers and Education
  3. Carter, M. C., Cingel, D. P., Lauricella, A. R., & Wartella, E. (2020). 13 Reasons Why, perceived norms, and reports of mental health-related behavior change among adolescent and young adult viewers in four global regions. Communication Research.
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  5. Hightower, B*., Sheehan, K., Lauricella, A., & Wartella, E. (2019). Exploring Parent Use of Early STEM Media to Inform Design for Children. Proceedings of the ACM Interaction Design for Children Conference (IDC 2019). doi: 10.1145/3311927.3323124. Top Paper Honorable Mention Award
  6. Sheehan, K., Pila, S*., Lauricella, A. R., & Wartella, E. (2019). Parent-child interaction and children’s learning from a coding application. Computers and Education,
  7. Hurwitz, L.B*., Montague, H*., Lauricella, A. R. Alvarez, A. L*., Pietrantonio, F+. Ford, M. L+., & Ellen Wartella, (2019). Crowd pleasers: media characters in food company websites and apps for children, Young Consumers
  8. Cingel, D. P., Lauricella, A. R., Lam, W. S. E., Wartella, E., & Morales, P. Z. (2019). Online Communication Patterns of Chinese and Mexican Adolescents Living in the United States. International Journal of Communication13, 20.
  9. *Pila, S., *Aladé, F*., Sheehan, K. J., Lauricella, A. R., & Wartella, E. A. (2019). Learning to code via tablet applications: An evaluation of Daisy the Dinosaur and Kodable as learning tools for young children. Computers & Education128, 52-62. doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2018.09.006
  10. *Pila, S., Lauricella, A. R., & Wartella, E. (2018). Using short message (SMS) and multimedia messaging (MMS) to encourage positive parent–child engagement around literacy and language development. Mobile Media & Communication, 2050157918812224.
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  12. Sheehan, K.J., *Hightower, B., Lauricella, A. R., & Wartella, E. (2018). STEM media in the family context: The effect of STEM career and media use on preschoolers’ science and math skills. European Journal of STEM Education, 3(1), 17.