Morgan Russo

Morgan Russo

Morgan is an intern with the TEC Center while getting her Masters in Child Development. Previously she taught in CPS for five years and worked as an instructional coach and Director of Curriculum for Teachers Supporting Teachers, a non-profit focusing on urban teacher retention. She then transitioned to writing content for children’s edtech/media companies like Peekapak, Edit Change Management, and 321 Learning. She is passionate about understanding how children best learn from digital media and technology. The past year she was living in Amsterdam writing a children’s chapter book, The Mediators, about three devices who are on a mission to mediate their families’ media use. Morgan has been working with Dr. Amanda Gummer’s Good Play Guide to help toy companies create developmentally appropriate toys and apps. She is excited to work with the TEC Center team to understand children’s technology use.

Recent posts by Morgan Russo

May 28, 2020
A result of the COVID-19 Outbreak: Supporting Families while Addressing Inequities
As early childhood practitioners, we know that the children and families we serve have always had varying home life circumstances, but now many early childhood practitioners are seeing these varied circumstances playing out through a zoom screen, or through silence because they lack the technology to connect. Read more →
April 30, 2020
Spring/Summer 2020 Webinar Learning Series
TEC Center is hosting webinars throughout Spring and Summer 2020 to support early childhood professionals and families navigate the recent COVID-19 Outbreak and school transitions to remote learning. Read more →
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