Ten Resources For Understanding Net Neutrality

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As a second part to the blog post, “5 Ways A Repeal Of Net Neutrality Could Impact Families And Young Children”, TEC wants to provide you with 10 resources for understanding net neutrality. This list includes reports, interviews, and many articles defining net neutrality and connecting it to education and young children. We encourage you to refer back to our report, Media Literacy In Early Childhood: A Critical Conversation, as well as these 10 Media Literacy Week Resources while utilizing the net neutrality resources listed below.


  1. Federal Communications Commission: The Open Internet
  2. National Education Association: What Net Neutrality Means for Students and Educators by Cindy Long
  3. EdSurge: Why Net Neutrality Matters to Education by Jessy Irwin
  4. American Library Association: Net Neutrality
  5. PBS NewsHour: interview with Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, “Killing net neutrality means no one is looking out for consumers’ interest”
  6. ABC News: What is net neutrality? by Lindsey Jacobson
  7. Knight Foundation: Decoding the net neutrality debate
  8. NPR, All Things Considered: How Repealing Net Neutrality Could Affect Schools’ Internet Access, conversation with ISTE CEO, Richard Culatta
  9. Free Press, Save The Internet: What You Need To Know Now
  10. NAACP Press Release: NAACP Announces Staunch Support For Open Internet
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