Technology’s impact on children’s growth & development

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Image courtesy of New America EdCentral

Image courtesy of New America EdCentral

Ross van der Linde highlights Angela Santomero’s interview with children’s media experts Lisa Guernsey, Michael Robb, Ph.D., Deborah Gilboa, MD, and Deborah Linebarger, Ph.D. on the topic of children’s media and parenting in this Ed Central post.  In this interview, expert panelists respond to  questions on chidren’s technology and media use and offer parents thoughtful guidance and evidence-based practices for managing media at home.

March 30, 2020
Supporting Your Child’s Technology and Media Use: Media Resources for Families
Children's experiences and tools may look a little different from when you were growing up. Read and download TEC Center's list of tips, readings, and resources to help families support their children's digital media use. Read more →
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March 23, 2020
STEM in PreK: Using Cat in the Hat Media Resources Guest blog by Tiffany Maxon and Elisa Garcia
Tiffany Maxon and Elisa Garcia, PhD, from EDC’s Center for Technology and SRI International, share their research findings from examining the impacts of the Cat in the Hat media resources. Read more to hear tips on how to extend the learning from these resources in your classroom! Read more →