Co-Engagement in App Design

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Teacher helping student work with iPad

Image courtesy of Ms. Eileen Bishop, Burley Elementary School

Co-founder and Chief Learning Scientist at Kidaptive Dylan Arena discusses the importance of co-engagement and co-play as well as principles of their app design in the Joan Ganz Cooney Center post “Designing Apps for Co-Play: Can Research and Analysis Make Learning More Fun for Parents and Kids?”  By using apps Leo’s Pad and Learner Mosaic as examples, he explains how Kidaptive apps invite parents into the interactive experience with their child and can support learning experiences outside the app to real-world contexts. In the post, he also gives a perspective of using interactive media with his own children, challenges families experiences when they’re not able to co-play physically, and strategies Kidapative implements to address these issues.

Read more about Designing Apps for Co-Play: Can Research and Analysis Make Learning More Fun for Parents and Kids from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center

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