American Academy of Pediatrics virtual violence policy statement and 5 tips for a healthy media diet

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AA) has released a new policy statement on virtual violence. The AAP has a called for legislative action and for healthier “media diets” for children. The Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center at Erikson Institute shares with parents our 5 tips for a healthy media diet.

5 Tips for a Healthy Media Diet
1. All screens are not created equal. Look for media experiences that are interactive, include positive interactions with others, and give the child control.
2. Shift from how much children watch to what they watch. The quality of the content, level of engagement, and opportunity for interactions are more important than the amount of time.
3.Manage your own screen use thoughtfully. Children learn media habits by watching the adults around them so model healthy media habits early and often.
4. Watch together. Joint engagement with media promotes learning. Parents can talk with their child about what they are watching to make screen time more engaging and interactive which promotes language development.
5. Plan for unplugged time. Ask,“What can we do together when we turn off the screen?” Encourage playtime, outdoor time, and active play.

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