Alexis Lauricella, PhD

Alexis Lauricella, PhD

Assistant Professor
Director, TEC Center
Erikson Institute


Alexis Lauricella, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at Erikson Institute and Director of Erikson’s Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center. Her research focuses on children’s learning from media technology and parents’ and teachers’ attitudes toward and use of media technology with young children. At the TEC Center, Dr. Lauricella’s research studies young children’s learning from technology by examining the impact of STEM media content on children’s direct learning from technology. She is interested in examining the use of technology tools to support parents’ STEM engagement with their children and evaluate technology-based curriculum tools to support preschool teachers’ use of STEM in the classroom. Dr. Lauricella is the former Associate Director of Northwestern University’s Center on Media and Human Development. She has an impressive list of publications including empirical research articles in Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Journal of Children and Media, Media Psychology, Journal of Early Adolescence, Journal of Infant Behavior and Development, New Media and Society, Computers and Education, and Public Health. Dr. Lauricella is also the founder of

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Recent Publications

Sheehan, K.J., Hightower, B., Lauricella, A. R., & Wartella, E. (in press). STEM media in the family context: The effect of STEM career and media use on preschoolers’ science and math skills. European Journal of STEM Education, 

Hurwitz, L. B., Lauricella, A. R., *Hightower, B., Sroka, I., Woodruff, T. K., & Wartella, E. (2017). “When You’re a Baby You Don’t Have Puberty”: Understanding of Puberty and Human Reproduction in Late Childhood and Early Adolescence. The Journal of early adolescence37(7), 925-947.

Hurwitz, L. B., +Morales, E. D., Montague, H., Lauricella A. R., & Wartella, E. (2016). Mobile marketing to children: A content analysis of food and beverage company apps. Public Health. 141, 241-244. doi:10.1016/j.puhe.2016.09.025

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Recent Presentations

Sheehan, K., Pila, S., Lauricella, A.R., & Wartella, E. (2018, June)Parent-child interaction and children’s learning from a coding appPaper presented at the Jean Piaget Society, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Alade, F., Kuma, Y., Lauricella, A.R., & Wartella, E. (2018, May) Paper presented at the International Communication Association, Prague, Czech Republic.

Hightower, B., Sheehan, K. J., Lauricella, A. R., & Wartella, E. (2018, May) How parents support early math and science learning: The role of media and parent comfort. Paper presented at the International Communication Association, Prague, Czech Republic.

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